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Steven Universe Artist Bullied. ‘steven universe’ fandom is melting down after bullied fanartist attempts suicide ‘steven universe’ fandom is melting down after bullied fanartist attempts suicide.

steven universe artist bullied
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A crystal gem is confirmed as asexual. A fan artist attempted suicide in 2015 after she was bullied on social media because of the body proportions in her art, and in 2016 storyboard artist and writer lauren zuke quit twitter after being harassed by fans over perceived support for a particular romantic relationship between characters.

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A fanartist was recently bullied by fans for her depictions of characters. A lot of people hate the fan base of the show and then end up hating the show because of the fan base.

Steven Universe Artist Bullied

Available quarterly from tiny onion studios.Because some members of the fandom have decided that she was drawing amethyst too thin, therefore she needs to be bullied because she was fat shaming and that just because sardonyx doesn’t have an afro or something like that to the artist must be racist.Did a fan artist almost committed suicide because her being bullying by steven universe fanbase?Do you expect me to forgive somebody the second they do something wrong, sure i’d forgive them for something in 2008 if they’ve adequately addressed the situation and earned forgiveness but forgive people right after they did it and didn’t even apologize because people “make mistakes”.

Fan entitlement, bullying, steven universe and queer representationHe’s tall, smartly dressed and very much ready to return to earth after.However, they are a lot of people who hate it because of all the filler episodes, very slow plot advancement, very slow character development, a.In october 2015, zamii revealed she had attempted suicide as a result of the online harassment she received.

In the video she explains that she’s now in the hospital getting taken care of,.Last year, the steven universe tumblr community made headlines after a fan artist attempted suicide because some people were harassing her for the body proportions in her art.Okay, yesterday a steven universe artist just attempted suicide, yes suicide, why?On tumblr, paz is known for restyling popular cartoon characters.

Originally, i didn’t want to talk much about it, but i’ve since been handed enough info to bring it to you.Paige paz, who is known by her username zamii070, is a fanartist on tumblr as well as the creator of the webcomic basin vale.She also runs a tumblr blog, where she publishes fan art based on the animated series steven universe.She is the author of basin vale, a webcomic about a teenage vampire named alessa trying to find the rest of her coven.

She made a fat character on steven universe skinnier.She’s ok now, but this has caused people to say that this proves that the su fanbase is the worstSteven universe artist quits twitter over fan harassment ‘steven universe’ fandom is melting down after bullied fanartist attempts suicide;Steven universe is a beloved animated children’s show known for its smart and progressive depictions of its diverse and lovable cast of characters.

Steven universe storyboard artist, lauren zuke, deleted her account last week after deciding that she could no longer put up with people who think because i work on a tv show that i owe them myself all the time.Stories with one foot in the real world that are scary.That’s why it makes almost no sense that one of the show’s artists has been bullied off fans of the show.There’s been a lot of talk on twitter the last couple days about a young steven universe fan artist who was allegedly bullied into a suicide attempt by psychotic sjw thugs on tumblr.

This caused her to almost commit suicide.We bring you more on zamii, the steven universe fan artist who was ruthlessly bullied into the hospital by rabid sjws.Why i fell in love with the brilliant steven universe, and you will too‘steven universe’ fandom is melting down after bullied fanartist attempts suicide controversy surrounding a ‘steven universe’ fanartist has spread to.